WestJet weighs options in search for ULCC home

WestJet weighs options in search for ULCC home

WestJet is considering basing its incoming ultra-low cost carrier outside of Calgary, citing locations which could allow the airline to take advantage of “lower-cost markets.”

During a recent conference call regarding the airline’s Q2 results, WestJet president and CEO Gregg Saretsky stated that head office staff for the ULCC (scheduled to launch next June) are currently being hired and will move into a small office location separate from that of the main fleet.

In an email to PAX, WestJet spokesperson Lauren Stewart said that the ULCC “may be based outside of Calgary as we are also considering locations that would allow us to take advantage of lower cost markets,” adding that no decision has been made at this time.

“We are continuing our work on this and other elements related to the launch of the airline,” Stewart continued, “namely the organizational structure, routes, schedules, service offering and branding to name a few.

“As is the business model for ULCCs around the world, we intend to build our structure in a way that minimizes costs and passes the savings on to the consumer while unbundling all products and services so they can choose that which is most relevant for their trip.”