Avalon Waterways announces contest winners

10-11-2017 1:36 pm

During a recent contest hosted by Avalon Waterways, seven Canadian agents were thanked for sharing images on Facebook or Instagram.

The images were taken by Globus family of brands managing director Stéphanie Bishop who was “test-driving” the cruise line’s Active Discovery on the Rhine itinerary which will launch next year.

The following agents have won a $150 gift card:

  • Joanne Cole (The Travel Agent Next Door, Toronto)
  • Lynda Harlos (Orion Travelinx, Burlington, Ont.)
  • Dale Graham (CruiseShipCenters, North Vancouver)
  • Tasha Penney-Adams (The Destination Experts, Torbay, Nfld.)
  • Resi Hoglander (TTI Travel, New Westminster, BC)
  • Jodi Greenleaves (The Destination Experts, St. John’s, Nfld.)
  • Sharri Scott (CruiseShipCenters, Halifax, NS)