British Columbia continues to burn

09-12-2017 2:26 pm

According to the Province of British Columbia's Wildfire Status report, as of midnight, 136 wildfires continue to burn throughout the province.

The fires can be found in the Cariboo Fire Centre, Kamloops Fire Centre, Coastal Fire Centre, and the Southeast Fire Centre regions. Of those 136 active wildfires, 19 have been listed as "Wildfires of Note", meaning that these fires in particular are highly visible, or a threat to public safety.

British Columbia's Southern Interior currently has the highest risk asociated with wildfire activity, while the northern parts of British Columbia present a very low to moderate risk.

Previous evacuation orders have been downgraded, as cooler, wetter weather comes through the province.

Starting this weekend, clouds will move through Vancouver, followed by rain for Sunday and Monday. According to the Weather Network, however, dangerous wildfires continue to move east, heading towards the province of Alberta.

A report issued by Parks Canada lists the Kenow wildfire as an 11,400 hectare fire that has travelled 4.5 kilometres as of yesterday, for a total of 11.5 kilometres over a three-day period, causing many Albertans to evacuate.