Collette's newest agent resources now online

09-27-2017 1:31 pm

Tour operator Collette has announced the launch of the Agent Resource & Worldwide Travel Guide for the 2018-19 season, featuring information on the company’s latest digital resources, tips for finding itinerary highlights and more.

The Guide also includes details on Collette’s differentiators, FAM tours, loyalty program, and eighteen new tours for guests.

Nalinie Sharma, marketing manager – Canada, Collette, detailed some of the changes in the 2018/19 edition to PAX. “In the past, we’ve mailed a consumer-facing version of desk copies to travel professionals,” she explained.

“Agents were able to look up information about tours for their clients, but the content didn’t really offer any special tips for selling. This guide features tabbed out resources for ease of use.”

The changes had been made, she said, to directly benefit agents and increase their selling potential. “This all-in-one guide is directly aimed at serving as a resource for the travel professional to not only earn more but to have the knowledge to sell with confidence,” she commented.

“It was created so that travel professionals didn’t have to look in numbers places to get all their information.”

As for feedback from travel professionals so far? “Agents are loving this guide! Many really use this on a daily basis to not only understand our product, but to sell it as well,” she said.

More information is available through the e-guide, which can be viewed here.

To register for the upcoming tutorial webinar on how best to use the resource guide, click here.